Riding A Beach Cruiser Bike Is The Perfect Way To Experience Your Next Beach Vacation Or Adventure

Next time you head out to the beach or take your next vacation by the sea, why not consider exploring the beach with a beach cruiser bike. Beach cruiser bikes are sturdy and very easy to ride, making them a great way to explore for the beginner and the more experienced bicyclist alike — giving both a way to have a fun and relaxing adventure. These bikes, which are single-speed bikes with an upright seating posture and attractive styling, are perfect for riding around the beach to check out the scenery without going too fast yet being able to see more of the beach than by just walking.

The bicycles are also known as cruiser bicycles but got the name “beach cruiser” when in the 1960’s other bicycles became more popular that were lighter weight and more suited to faster speeds, yet the beach cruisers held supreme for recreational use at the beach being perfectly suited for it. They were given the name “beach cruisers” in 1976 by Larry McNeely of Recycled Cycles in Newport Beach, California who named them for the production of their modern version. Second-hand cruisers also became very popular for practical transportation among “beach bums” and surfers and found new life at beaches across the U.S. Learn more by going to http://www.firmstrong.com/

Today, beach cruisers can be found in many beautiful styles and colours. Even though they are very practical for getting around at the beach, they are also more attractive than ever, while keeping their retro look of being an improved yet classic imprint of the past beach cruiser. They come in many colours including dark blue, gray, black, and red. If buying a beach cruiser, you can find the right size, style, and colour to suit your personality. Beach cruisers are also lower priced than other kinds of bikes like mountain and racing bikes. If you are looking to rent a beach cruiser on vacation, many beaches and beach resorts rent them. Many of the rental locations on these beaches or resorts will include a free helmet if the rider chooses to use one, which is a good safety precaution when biking on dirt trails or other places near or on the beach that could be rocky, for example.

Taking in the beach and its surroundings on a beach cruiser is a wonderful experience. Riding a beach cruiser allows the beach and resort goer to see much more of the beach and areas surrounding it while still feeling the refreshing ocean-air and feeling connected to the environment.